The History of Jordan Brand

Topics: Nike, Inc., Michael Jordan, Basketball Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Marketing Module, Assignment #2
Alexis Lizama

Everything now a day seems to be about repeat and consistent sells. Being able to Find the new trend and taking advantage of it. The shoe industry is no different. New styles, prices, and endorsers are always used to attract customers. With new releases being sold out within days, the Jordan brand Is a perfect example. The Jordan brand has been able to sell for over 20 years now while always making good profit.

A Little Bit of History…
Back in 1984 the Nike company was struggling to attract customers. They had to come up with a new idea and in came Michael Jordan. After signing Jordan to a 2.5 million dollar contract, the “ Air Jordan” brand was created.

Originally back in 1984 the shoes created by the Jordan brand were designed mainly for basketball usage. Now a days they are used more for casual wear. I believe this has benefited the Jordan brand. This is because not only are basketball players targeted for sale but also anyone interested in shoes. The Jordan brand is not only limited to basketball players. This allows them to have a much bigger target market. For example myself, I only play soccer but i own a lot of pairs of jordans. I never play basketball but the design is something I really like. This is something that that the brand has benefited from. The reason people buy these shoes is because of the good looking designs. Since the Jordan brand is now so big and popular, many people just buy Jordan’s because of the trend. Another example of how Jordan brand was able to expand it’s target market.

The four P’s…
Product- The Jordan brand keeps a consistent design. Designs of shoes originally released in 1984-200 are re-released later on. This keeps it simple for the Jordan brand. Being able to release old ideas is something not many other industries can afford to do. For example a shoe originally released in 1995 is extremely hard to find in todays market. For this reason the...

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