Topics: Restaurant, Guyana, Ethics Pages: 2 (281 words) Published: January 8, 2013

Table of Contents
1. Abstract
2. Description of the business
3. Justification of location
4. Selection of appropriate labour
5. Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
6. Role of the entrepreneur
7. Types and levels of Production
8. Quality control Measures
9. Use of technology
10. Linkages
11. Potential for growth & Government regulations
12. Ethical issues

Description of the Business: The full service sea food restaurant and fast food outlet provides formal dining for about 40 persons and is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. This full service restaurant is the only of its kind in Guyana, Since sea food is only offered occasionally on the menus of the existing full service eating houses in Guyana.

Type of Business
The type of business is an partnership type.

Nature of the business
The nature of this business is to provide our customers with the best seafood that will satisfy there taste bunds

Objectives / Mission statement

Justification of Location
The business is strategically located at 246 Forshaw street, Queenstown Guyana Three reasons for justification of location
It’s a residential area of reasonable population.
It allows for easy and accessible transportation back and forth from town The area is relatively unpopulat
The product range carried by the company reaches the homes of all Guyanese as the company has a fleet of over two hundred and eighty vehicles. There are branches in Linden, Bartica, Berbice, Essequibo with distributors and agents in all three counties

Selection of appropriate Labour

Sources of fixed and working capital

Role of the Entrepreneur

Types of production

Levels of production

Quality Control Measures

Use of Technology


Potential Growth

Government Regulations

Ethical Issues
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