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gMarketing-process of moving goods and services to customers Marketing activities-product development, research, communication, distribution, pricing and service Need – Want – Demand- need is essential (food, shelter) want is not (car, laptop) demand is desire to have Exchange-a trade of values between two parties

Marketing System- network that permits interaction between buyers and sellers Maslow’s hierarchy of need- a diagram showing how people seek to satisfy their needs (from physiological to security to social to ego to self-actualization) SWOT / TOWS- matrix that shows Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats Internal environment- Cost, revenue, goals, strategies

External environment-Demand, competitors, political economical legal natural forces Micro environment- factors that affect performance and decision-making in company (competitors, customers, suppliers, general public, distributors) Macro environment- factors that affect performance and decision-making in company (economy, political, social, legal) PESTEL- analytical tool to identify factors (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal) Mission- goal of the company

Vision- how does company sees itself in some years
Slogan- phrases for campaigns
Values- beliefs that are shared in the company
Business goals- what is expected from business
SMART- objective that is Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely Marketing management process- process is a part of business activity related to the sale of profitable products in the targeted market. It includes the analysis of business opportunities, selection of targeted market, formation and effective implementation of the marketing strategy. Marketing management concepts- production product selling marketing social marketing concepts Production concept- high production efficiency for low costs Product concept- innovative products with most quality and performance Selling concept- promote aggressive sales

Marketing concept- determines needs and delivers satisfaction Social marketing concept- determine needs and deliver satisfaction in a way preserving well being of society Internal factors that affect company’s marketing- Cost, revenue, goals, strategies External factors that affect company’s marketing-Demand, competitors, political economical legal natural force Controllable and incontrollable factors- controllable (marketing mix-4Ps), uncontrollable –environmental factors as political economical social technological competitive forces Marketing-mix- a tool that determines a right marketing plan, by using 4 Ps Product- something that can be offered to a market, be it an object, an service Price- amount charged for that product

Promotion- activities done to make people buy product (ads, sales) 4P- Product, Price, Place Promotion
4C- Consumer Value, Cost, Convenience, Communication
7P- Product Price Place Promotion Personnel Process Physical evidence AIDAS- model of buying behavior Attention Interest Desire Action Satisfaction Pull strategy- motivating customers to seek for your brand

Push- taking product directly to customer by any means that he could be aware of brand B2B Marketing- business relationship between companies
Business Marketing- offering product or service to other companies that resell them Consumer Marketing-advertizing aimed at individual people or families Business market- reselling or renting goods and services for using them in production of other Business organizations-group of people sharing the same commercial goal Porter’s 5 Forces-tool for analyzing market (competitors, substitute for products, power of buyers, power of supplies, new competitors) Macro- and microenvironment-s

Types of firms involved in the production chain- assembly to distribution to wholesale to final consumers to facilitators Geographical concentration- concentrating in area close to business (IT in Silicon Valley) Derived demand-demand which comes from ultimate demand of...
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