Product Design and Lifecycle Management: Outline of Units

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MMIE – 201 Product Design and Lifecycle Management

Unit 1Product Design : Product specifications, concept development, configuration design involving synthesis, analysis and optimization, Detailed design, Presentation of design, Oral and Visual presentations, various types of models used in product design, Design through creative routes, Adaptive and variant design, Concurrent Engineering theory.

Unit 2Product Lifecycle Management definitions, Product data management, Evolution of PLM, Pre-requisites for PLM, PLM benefits, PLM implementation methods, Product Lifecycle Engineering: Design for X, Components of DFX.

Unit 3Design for manufacturing and Design for assembly, Role of Aesthetics and Ergonomics in design, Robust Design using Taguchi methods, Reliability based design, Modular versus integral design, Design for environment (DFE), Life cycle assessment (LCA), Steps of LCA, Determining system boundaries, Life Cycle Inventory compilation, Common LCA methods and their impact categories, Applying DFE through LCA, Case studies.

Unit 4Value analysis: scope, techniques and job plan, Standardization, Renard series, Simplification versus Variety in products, Patents, copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.

Unit 5Marketing Management: Philosophies of Marketing, Market and Product strategies, BCG matrix, Portfolio management, New Product development strategy. Marketing channels, Pricing strategies and Promotional strategies, Consumer behavior, Sales Management, Planning of sales, Sales skills, evaluation and promotion, Advertising methods, preparation of advertising briefs.

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7. Kolter, Philip; Marketing Management; PHI.
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9. Product Life Cycle Engineering and Management, CEP Lecture notes, Prof B Ravi, IIT Bombay MMIE – 202 Reliability Engg. & Quality Management

Unit 1 Reliability: Distributions encountered in controlling Reliability, mean time to failure, Exponential failure density, MTTF, Weibull, Failure density, Measurement and Tests, Maintenance and Reliability, Life testing.

Unit 2 Quality Control: Definitions, Place of quality control in industries, Taguchi loss function and robust design, Quality control organization. Difference between inspection and quality control. Applications of quality control in industries.. Economics of Quality systems Quality Assurance.

Unit 3 Statistical process control: Sample size and frequency of sampling and control, Design and application of control charts for variable and attribute, Process capability studies, six sigma concepts and implementation

Unit 4 Acceptance Sampling: Single sampling plans. Double sampling and sequential sampling plans. Rectifying inspection for lots. Sampling plans for continuous production. Selection of sampling plans for different situations. Economics of acceptance sampling.

Unit 5 T.Q.M.: Evolution of total quality management. Historical perspective. Elements of TQM: elimination of waste and problem exposure. Total quality control systems. Demings wheel, Deming 14 points-pros and cons in industrial engineering context, Philip Crosby philosophy, Juran Philosophy, Ishikawa Diagram. Quality function development, quality circles & ISO 9000. Application of TQM to service type organizations. Various Quality Awards. Costs benefit analysis. Life cycle costing.

1. Kapur K.C. and...

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