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Angela Bell
December 17, 2013
SW 3510
Final Exam

After reading the article where the four year old boy was fatally hit by a car in the middle of the night my heart ached. I immediately put myself in the place of the driver. When prompted to think about which 5 people in my opinion will be most affected by this incident I look at the driver, the grandparents, the sister, and the parents of the children and anyone who witnessed the crash. As I previously mentioned before I automatically placed myself as being the driver. To take the life of someone, especially a child must be devastating. In the shoes of the grandparents I would be hurt. Constantly wondering if the doors were locked, and dreading telling my child that her baby is dead. I would imagine that they feel responsible. Turning to the sister I believe that she would be devastated from that point on out needing counseling and a lot of love. The parents may be angry at the grandparents at first, angry with the other child and even the driver. They will forever mourn the loss of their child. Lastly being a witness to any type of tragic event is devastating. The witnesses may be called in court and asked to remember specific details and sometimes witnesses get the details wrong because the event was so devastating. I can imagine that any witnesses with children went home and hugged them all a little tighter.

Focusing in on the sibling of the victim and the woman behind the wheel. The girl was five years old at the time of the tragic accident. According to the text, the process of conceptualizing death can be difficult for a child this young being that they are in the preoperational stage (Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 2010). The text goes on to explain that in this stage the child views death as being temporary or reversible (Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 2010). The sister may not fully understand what’s going on and being that...
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