Shamsoun Dikori

Topics: Sudan, Nuba Mountains, Nuba Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Shamsoun Dikori
“The car moved real quick,” he said. "And then it flipped over a couple of times. And after that everything went blank for a moment (Dikori)." Shamsoun Dikori had just lost his loving mother, sister, and two youngest brothers in a car crash. To any typical person this would be the most devastating catastrophe in their life, but to Shamsoun it was just adding insult to injury. After being forced to flee his home, being bullied by racist comments, and suffering the death of numerous loved ones, Shamsoun Dikori became stronger and more determined to succeed in life. Shamsoun Dikori and his family are from the Nuba Mountains in Central Sudan. They lived in a fertile valley and where their dad, Daldoum, was a profitable farmer. They lived a nice, enjoyable life. Shamsoun remembers his mom telling him stories under the moon, and running outside playing soccer with friends (Dikori). Their life was simple, until the second Sudanese war.  Shamsoun was the oldest of his brothers and sisters, and he is the only one to remember the first time the bombings began; h, he was 10 years old at the time.  “We were playing outside and we thought it was birds,” Shamsoun said. “Then the bombs started to fall and everybody started running” (John 135-145).  He remembers seeing a little girl die. I it was the first death he had seen, but it wouldn’t be the last. Thosee bombs flipped Shamsoun’s life around. His family rounded up all belongings they could and fled for the mountains. There and rounded up all belongings they could, they made a hut in a small village and farmed the neighboring hillside to survive (John 135-145). It wasn’t much though, and the family was barely surviving. They eventually gave up and moved to Khartoum (the same capital that originally kicked them out of their home) but there, they at least had food. In Khartoum the people were very mean, and hateful toward Christian’s such as Shamsoun. They began an attempt to ship all the...
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