problems of pakistan

Topics: Debate, Problem solving, Writing Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: February 25, 2014

1:instabillity of democracy........dysfunctional role of democracy in country (discussing here millitarism, feudalism, corrupt and selfish politicians, conspiracies,blame game of rulers etc )

2:Bloch nationalism movement(blochistan crisis)

3:sectarianism , extremism , terrorism


5:nepotism and red-tapism

6:inefficiency of bureacracy(corrupt governmental machinery )


8:population giant


10:unstable economic development

11:women issues(women empowerment s issue)

12:state of lawlessness and anarchy

13:prolongation of court decision(unavailability of justice legally)

14:unethical and immoral issues and trends

15:degradation of islamic and traditional values

16:drug addiction and drug-trafficking,smuggling

17:evironmental pollution


i wrote abt 20 problems in outlines but now i forgot what r remaining ones! anyhow i wrote abt 16/17 pages , having my average 175 to200 words per it was second time paper.........there was too much hot and humid was too difficult to concentrate so properly due to this reason and tiresome anohter reason........... in begining i started essay in good way and discuss all problems eloborately with some recommendations.........but at end i discussed all remaining problems briefly as problems r many but time was short so i just summup quickly by discussing briefly all remaining problems with some recommendations(every heading of problem wiht 6-8 lines) then there s conclusion

i wrote abt a page of conclusion but i think it was not so impressive as time was finnishing and i just wrote quickly

Note i didnt mention facts and figures as required in discussing some problems like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, pollution, population etc.....i just mentioned these r big problems, impacts on the country s progress, rational approach to solve t
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