conflict between states and conflicts resolution

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Conflict usually occurs primarily as a result of a clash of interests in the relationship between parties, groups or states, either because they pursuing opposing or incompatible goals. Although the term war is sometimes used as a synonym for conflict, it is more usual to restrict the meaning of war to violent conflict, involving armed forces. But like war, conflict is and has been throughout history a normal way of conducting disputes between political groups within human society. As David Weeks puts it, “conflict is an inevitable outcome of human diversity and a world without conflict is not desirable, because it would mean a world without diversity.” Mean of conflict

It as an activity which takes place when conscious beings wish to carry out mutually inconsistent acts concerning their wants, needs or obligations. Conflict is an escalation of a disagreement, which is its common prerequisite, and is characterized by the existence of conflict behaviour, in which the beings are actively trying to damage one another. Character of a conflict is largely shaped by the causes of the incompatibility. The character is often linked to another and many of the ongoing conflicts. Causes for the conflicts between states can be grouped as: 1- Political:-

i. Incompatibility over political system
ii. Desire of succession
iii. Desire of autonomy
iv. Power relation

2- Socio-culture:- incompatibility over ethnic religion or ideological conception

3- Economic:- incompatibility over distribution of resources

4- Territorial:- incompatibility over boundaries, regional dominance or autonomy We are mainly concern about territorial conflicts which are the part of political geography. On this we will only discuss about nature of boundaries related conflicts between states in all over the world.

Types of conflicts
There are mainly four types of conflicts which take place in different parts of world. It can be between two or more states and also within the states. Its intensity is differing among these fragile states, its intensity is depend upon the current socio-economic-political situation of the states. 1- Intra-state conflict

2- Inter-state conflict
3- Non-state conflict
4- Extra-state conflict
Five Beliefs that Propel Groups or States towards Conflict
Roy Eidelson and Judy Eidelson (2003) investigated some of the important roles that beliefs may play in triggering or constraining conflict between groups. On the basis of a review of relevant literature, five belief domains stand out as especially noteworthy: Superiority, injustice, vulnerability, distrust and helplessness. 1. Superiority

Individual-level core belief: This core belief revolves around a person's enduring conviction that he or she is better than other people in important ways. The cluster of attitudes commonly associated with this belief includes a sense of specialness, deserving ness, and entitlement. Group-level worldview: Many of these elements are also present in the superiority worldview at the group level. This worldview encompasses shared convictions of moral superiority, chosenness, entitlement and special destiny. Several joint working committees of the American Psychological Association have identified "belief in the superiority of one group's cultural heritage (history, values, language, traditions, arts and crafts, etc.) over another's as a defining characteristic of the phenomenon they termed ethnocentric monoculturalism. 2. Injustice

Individual-level core belief: The perceived mistreatment by specific others or by the world at large. This mindset can lead the individual to identify something as unfair which is merely unfortunate, and thereby to inappropriately engage in retaliatory acts. Group-level worldview: The injustice worldview reflects the in-groups...
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