Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurship in Beauty Parlour: a Study in Sylhet.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Joseph Schumpeter, Entrepreneur Pages: 17 (2691 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Seminar Report on: Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurship in Beauty Parlour: A Study in Sylhet.

Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Department of Business Administration

Executive Summary

Recognition of the need of women entrepreneurship has grown considerably in Bangladesh over the recent years. Because of the recognition, more supportive environment has been created for the women and more and more women entrepreneurs are engaging in business especially in small business and other self- employments. And this sector is now contributing a significant portion to total GDP as well as in the development of local economy. We won’t give onerous but simple and tardy example of it. It is now playing a pivotal role in the creation of loan, in the invention of new market etc. So, there are huge prospects of this sector .Women entrepreneurs of this sector are now suffering from acute shortage of start-up capital, introducing variations in the level of business etc. We could not take our decision solely based on above discussion. For that reason, we conduct our survey and develop our questionnaire with a multiple choice and rank order items. We surveyed 20 women entrepreneurs of 20 beauty parlors and collected our primary data. Then we went through some books, journals, websites etc to develop our further decision. From the acquired data and literature review, it is clear to us that, there are huge prospects of this sector. Despite of its prospects, it has some problems. Finally we suggest some effective and possible recommendations for solving these problems.


Executive Summary: Page Number

Submission Letter

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Chapter 1: Introductory part

1. Introduction 09

2. Objectives of the study 10

3. Methodology of the study 10

4. Limitation 11

Chapter 2: Overall view of women Entrepreneurship in sylhet 13-16

Chapter 3: Analysis of data collected from survey & Findings

3.1 Reasons for choosing this business 18

3.2 Source of capital 19

3.3 Training place 20

3.4 Process of maintaining staff 21

3.5 Education qualification 22

3.6 Facing problems at the starting 23

Chapter 4: Recommendations: 25

Chapter 5: References: 27




Entrepreneurship nowadays has become a major focal point in the business community, in the govt agencies, non-govt agencies and also in business education in Bangladesh. So it is an enchanting matter to us to do discuss the topic “Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurship in Beauty Parlor: A Study in Sylhet”. As we know that Bangladesh is a developing country in the world. It is now suffering acute shortage of capital and alarming problems of under employment. But Bangladeshis are the nation of entrepreneur. Many businesses such as small enterprises have been formed gradually and most of them are led by women entrepreneurs. And we found that these enterprises can serve as propelling agents to break the vicious circle of poverty and can strike the engine of economic development. In...
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