Opportunities and Challenges of Sme Business in Bangladesh

Topics: Economy, Industry, Economics Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Opportunities and Challenges of SME Business in Bangladesh

Fazle Elahi Mohammad Faisal[1]
Syed Mohammad Khaled Rahman[2]
Saleh Ahmad Abdullah3


Financial crumbles worldwide has totally changed the orientation of the world financial system forcing new alignment with novel dimensions for it and fresh and naive looks into the whole economic order. Such pattern shift and enormous change has brought to the fore once again the small and medium industry all over the world for its giving edge to the economy at large and as employer, in particular-- a role unprecedentedly warranted by the financial burnout for a developing country like Bangladesh. The product of Bangladesh might not rival with hyper competition of European world but have chance to lock head with India and China due to recent labor cost hike there. SME comes in here to keep hope alive for Bangladesh for its ability to tone small input into big output. While the whole world appreciating aloud SME as benefactor, in our shore SME still wants a comprehensive and workable definition. Also are glitches and loops in laws, and incentives mis targeted. Still, success stories are abound and Government has to do with it though an uphill effort yet not undoable. To hit upon plans and policies, sort out labyrinth, gush incentives, pep up entrepreneurs, so to buck up the sector—is what the need of the time.

( Introduction

No unfounded would it be saying SME the power house of an economy all over the world. The numerous contributions as a role it plays to machine the wheel of economy of a country can’t be over told. SME as an industry is such in a nascence necessitating better cuddling and nursing than heavy industry while potentate greater than that. Same is here in Bangladesh. In this milieu of great endowment to society, the overall status quo of SME in our country is in rather disarraying. While more garland should be offered to its altar for its sobriquet, it eventuated reverse in our case...
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