Problem Solving

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Nasaya Link
Capella University
May 19.2013

I have worked in the restaurant field for over 6years and it can be very stressful. In this field I have encountered many problems especially since my promotion. Being that I was a waitress for 4 years and then being promoted as manager. I feel I have encountered more problems now than ever. I believe a lot of my staff has a problem with transition. I have worked around many of my coworkers for so long that I do not believe they see the difference in me as a manager now and a waitress then.

I have bonded so much with my fellow coworkers that I believe I am reason for occurring issues we may have. One of the main reasons I accepted the position was for growth. I wanted the company to succeed and make more money than ever. Being that I was once in their place one would think they would understand. As a manager I try be firm and always stand my ground. When I was serving one of my biggest issues with my managers was communication. As a manager I wanted people to know what they are supposed to do and what is expected of them.

Real managers are individuals I believe are relentless communicators who speak clearly listen always, and learn from what they see and hear. Part of being an effective communicator is being seen as well as heard. Good communicators also learn to ask questions as a means of finding out what is going on and also demonstrating that they care. As a manager I try to use y previous experience as a waitress to reflect on my position today. Nevertheless I still have the non-believers who doubt my intentions.

Even with these problems I still focus on the issues at hand. Not only am I manager I am a leader. Every day I continue to motivate my team to peak performance. I believe that motivating a team is worthless unless I can provide direction, unless I can turn that motivation toward a goal and lead the team to it.

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