Problem-Solving and Thinking

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Hassan Abbiss
EN3220: Written Analysis
EN3220_V1.0: Module 1 Discussion

1. Which one of the six habits that hinder thinking as listed on page 54 of your textbook do you often exhibit? Describe a situation where you exhibited this habit.

I believe the habit that most exhibit is the Face Saving. My addiction to nicotine is on going struggle. I found my self finding excuses to enable that habit in my life. I quit smoking for couple months, but then I began smoking e- cigarette. I rationalize this behavior with the following excuse, “need this to coup with life” but in reality, its just excuse to continue to feed my habit.

2. When solving a problem, do you first ask someone for help or seek the answer on your own? I found my self attempting to solve it with-out seeking other help. What are some advantages of involving others in problem solving? Involving other had the following advantages; May better understand the problem then you do

Different perspective of solving that problem
May have more experience then you do
During my my capstone project, I was chosen to be the team leader of our group. Each team member was assign tasks based upon their strength, but tasks that required more detail, were assigned in 2-team members due to the complexity of the problem.

What are some advantages of working alone on a problem? Explain your answer with at least one example. Working alone has the following advantages; Self-discipline
More focus/not easily distracted
More objective driven
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