Private Schools in Urban Area: a Case Study of Dhaka

Topics: Education in England, Dhaka, General Certificate of Secondary Education Pages: 25 (8438 words) Published: August 21, 2009

Despite the existence of the Bengali medium and religious branch of education, the English medium education system (Edexcel and Cambridge based curriculum) has gained popularity among the upper middle class, rich class and slowly among the middle class because of its credibility, international standard, flexibility and the focus on English language. This is a rapidly growing sector in Bangladesh with numerous schools present through out Dhaka. Students are giving Ordinary level examination (O level) and Advanced level Examination (A level) under either of these two boards. The exams are taken twice a year (Jan and May) organized by British council in Dhaka. Though not recognized by the public universities and are not rewarded well, the students do well in the private universities, IBA and also foreign universities. Survey of Twenty Three English medium schools shoes that they are having problem in teacher, student retention, transfer students from Bengali medium, lack of good teachers etc, whereelse the parents’ survey finding shows their expectation and unmeet demand from the current schools. The paper at its end recommended some suggestions which not only focus on guardians demand but also include restructuring of school management pocess, upcomming features needed to add in school offering and schools development under Government or Globally accpetated organizations. From this paper a complete knwoledge of English medium school, its industry analysis, restriction and limitation can be easily indetified. With the resraech on schools and gurdians it also contains the real demand anb supply scenario and the recommendation suggest a optimum solution considering all interest groups.

Table of Content

| Topic |Page | |1) Introduction to Dhaka |1 | |2) Education System in Dhaka |1 | |3) Primary and Mass Education In Bangladesh |2 | | | | |4) Mediums for School Education |2-13 | |4.1) The Bengali Medium | | |4.2) The Religious Branch | | |4.3) The English Medium | | |5) English Medium Education |3 | | | | |6) English Education system in Bangladesh |4 | |6.1) O-level (Ordinary Level) | | |6.2) A-level (Ordinary Level | | | | | |7) Authority to Regulate English Medium Schools |5-6 | |7.1 ) British counsel, Dhaka...

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