Printted Newspaper vs. Online Newspapers

Topics: Newspaper Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Online newspapers vs. print newspapers
In an early morning of a winter day with cold wind and snow breeze blowing out, hardly any people are waiting to put a quarter into an old automated newsstand to get there newspapers at a corner near the Union Station in downtown of St. Louis city. Hardly to find young people in that crowded but aged people are likely to prefer the traditional newspapers than the new type which is online. In contrast, most of young people who tend to spend most of their lifetime on the internet would rather choose online newspapers to update news. It is a recent debate whether the effectiveness of online newspapers are against old time print newspaper. In this paper, I am going to look at how online newspapers influence people and the differences in compare with print. Additionally, finding out the answer for the question about the long term survival of print newspapers is also a point in this research paper. First of all, online newspapers have certain advantages to reach to the public over traditional newspapers. Since the first websites were set up and put online in the early of the 20th century, the new type of newspaper has created more opportunities to not only the readers but also newspaper industry. The first advantage of online newspapers is its convenience to access. Not many print newspapers are free to the readers but mostly online newspapers are. Therefore, numerous people can come close to newspapers to update information. It is also convenient as the Internet has become a part of modern life. Young people who spend most of their time on the Internet to study or to work are likely to update news through the Internet than buying newspapers. A survey of The New York Time online media kit in 2007 showed that the number of online audience is more than twelve fold to print audience (13,372,000 online unique users in compare with 1,120,420 weekday print circulation and 1,627,062 Sunday print circulation) (“Newspaper Online vs....

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