Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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Prevention is Better than Cure Document Transcript
• 1. Prevention is Better than CureWhen it comes to fires in the home, most of us are of the opinion that it will never happen in ourhomes – if this is your way of thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong. Imagine getting home fromwork one day and finding a fire engine in your driveway – this happened to me once and, believeme, it is not a good feeling.Using a Smoke DetectorStudies have shown that the majority of serious household fires could have been prevented ifthere were working smoke detectors in place. Many people don’t see the advantage to havingsmoke detectors – a lot of people think that they would easily be able to smell and see the smokebefore the fire gets out of control.This is usually true – if you are at home and awake when the fire starts – unfortunately, mostdeaths in fires are caused by smoke inhalation – you and your family could be sleeping when thefire starts and simply never wake up because of this toxic smoke.That’s why smoke detectors are crucial to the safety of you and your family. They will wake youand your family and alert your neighbours to the problem.Making Sure that they are in Good Working OrderOf course, it is important to make sure that the smoke detectors are in good working order at alltimes – what you do not need is a smoke detector with a flat battery when there is a fire.Regular tests are going to be necessary to make sure that the smoke detectors are workingproperly – conduct these at least once every two months. Always make sure to keep sparebatteries on hand and, for safety’s sake, it is advisable to change batteries at least annually.A good idea is to schedule this change of batteries at the same time as your annual buildinginspections Brisbane. You will find that the inspector will also give the smoke alarms the onceover whilst they are there.Using a Professional InspectorBrisbane Building and Pest Inspections will go so far as to advise you on the ideal placement...
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