Pressing Social Issues in the United States

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The 3 Most Pressing Issues
The three most pressing social issues in the United States today are the economy, lack of appropriate education, and our priorities. In the U.S. today our national debt is over fifteen trillion dollars. Our national unemployment rate is 8.5%. Big businesses seem to continue to flourish at the working classes’ expense. When the wealthy lose their jobs, they tend to have “nest eggs” or resources that they can rely on until another position comes available. Yes, they sometimes have to make sacrifices until they get other means of employment, but usually that doesn’t mean whether to feed themselves or their children. Many people have lost their homes and self-worth along with the economic down fall. This really leads into my next social problem: education. Our educational systems are flooded with all the politically correct information and the testing requirements, that we have lost sight of some value basic information. Many students are able to recite book knowledge, but cannot demonstrate basic common sense. Although, I know that classes like “home ec” are not popular anymore, but maybe a small portion should be mandatory. Teaching our youth about balancing their personal budgets might lead to someone helping our national debt. And if they learned about nutrition and how to cook, then maybe obesity would decline. Finally, is the concern over our nation’s priorities. We say that freedom, security, education is all important, but look at what we spend our money on. We pour millions of dollars into professional athletes, but not into our children’s education or their educators. When we have to wait at airport security or are subject to a luggage search we grumble, but yet we demand security. We want freedom to choice anything we want, but protest when others choose differently than us. There are more social issues I would love to discuss, but with any of these issues come needed resolution that I unfortunately do not possess.

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