Ten Issues Plaguing Our Society

Topics: Feudalism, French Revolution, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 6, 2006
I believe that the number one factor that is holding us back is lack of good leadership. Any one who gets the authority lets it ultimately go to their head. They just work for their personal gain as there is no accountability for actions. A person who has the power can use it for what ever reasons. The kind of people we have in our government. The elections are rigged, the results are biased and the same people keep on being appointed again and again even though their actions have not proven them worthy. Even though the political system is a democratic one so why is the opinion of the people disregarded. Now we see the whole system is corrupt to the core although there maybe a few good honest people but an honest man cannot survive long except if they cut themselves from everything and live an isolated life which is not possible. So, what happens is there is no motivation for the right people to work because there is little or no support offered to them and when a person continuously faces opposition from all directions they ultimately give up so lack of dedication exists. Now the people who are in power feel little or no moral obligation to do anything that is ethically right for the welfare of the general public. Also, see the situation of the infrastructure over here a little rain destroyed the electrical supply units to all the areas in our city, there is no management. When a crisis has struck then they think of doing something about it why not think beforehand and come up with preventive measures rather than trying to solve it later as they say prevention is better than cure. Also, the people who have it all are most hesitant for things to change or be rectified as their security will be challenged. Look at the village areas where you still have the feudal lord systems what they do they restrict any efforts that would help develop people, make then think and question because they know their roles and positions will then be questioned, So, a lack of...
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