Presidents Job Performance

Topics: President of the United States, Head of state, President Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Presidents Job Performance
The President has many roles. The roles he has are Chief of State, Chief of Executive, Chief Administrator, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Party Chief, and Chief Citizen. Obama has many responsibilities, and with those responsibilities he has to worry about people opinions. Being the Commander in chief, that puts him in charge of the Military forces. Obama is in charge of placing military officials in other countries. Obama has to be careful with this job because he could put himself and the military in harm. I would say this is one of Obamas most important jobs. In the news I read, about three years ago Obama had a lot to deal with. China and Poland were angry at us. China and Russia wanted a new currency to be used instead of the US dollar. The president of Iran called Obama a puppy. Venezuela makes fun of him, and isn’t his biggest fan. Yemen wanted to destroy us, on Obamas watch. Copenhagen was angry that he hasn’t bankrupted what is left of the economy in the name of junk science. North Korea had launched more than a dozen missiles since Obama took office. Finally Iran was working on a nuclear bomb. When you ask how well is the president doing in terms of other nations, I’d say he isn’t and hasn’t been doping good with other nations. What is the president’s relationship like with congress? The President and Congress share things. Law making and policy making powers are divided, and as of politics of shared power, they are stormy says Presidents and Congress find ways to collaborate and solve problems. says the relationship between a president and congress is the most important one in the American Political system. What they mean by this is congress and the president getting along is vital. The president spends great energy courting the media and appealing to the public, they do so to gain support in the congress. The president may not like it, but cooperation between the...
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