Presentation about Membaca Sastra book

Topics: Literature, Poetry, Drama Pages: 9 (457 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Membaca Sastra
by Melani budianta, dkk

Yesika Melani (0403512017)
Indira Paramitha (0403512018)
Muhammad imadudin (040351201)

General info
• Title of book : Membaca Sastra
• Publisher
• Year

: Indonesia Tera

: 2002

• Author
: Melani Budianta, Manneke
Budiman, Ibnu Wahyudi, and I Made
• Pages

: 256 Pages

This book tells more deep about literature
includes three parts of literature there is Poem,
Prose, and Drama. They tell in the book that
literature can be used to criticize something, to
share what we are feeling about love, angry, or
sad, and literature is very interesting with the
way to show about the nature.

Content example
There is part in the book talk about poems that
explained in very detail. The book gives the
concept and definition of it, and also examples.
After that they give a question to us to answer.


The goal of the book is to help us understand about
literature itself from many types not only poems but also
drama and prose.

We think that the accuracy of the book is accurate because
not only explained by author’s opinion but they also insert many literature master opinion. They also give many examples that make that sense to the explanation.

The book is very well-organized so that the readers will
understand the author explanation. The author makes the
contents of the book in terms of language more easy to understand. This book using many simple sentences, easy to understand and every each section of material more organized.

• We can see this book using simple sentence to
make it easier to understand,
“Teks ini sama sekali tidak puitis dan nadanya
seperti nada seseorang yang sedang bercerita
tentang sesuatu yang sepele”

Sepele in here means simple things, in Indonesia
formal sentence can be “hal yang sederhana” but
the author used sepele to be more informal and
more understandable.

• This book is talk about the whole aspect of
literature. So, this book is suitable for
students who take literature major.
• In this book also show us about differentiation
between Literature and Non-Literature
Meaning with example and detailed

• There are some examples about literature
work which discuss about Chinese people. It is
kind of racism and it gives minus for reader’s
interpretation to the novel.
• There is no footnote in the book, so when
reader finds difficult word they should open to
index which place on the back of the book.

The conclusion of the book is showing us that
literature gives big influence to our life.
Because from the poem, novel, prose, drama,
and others can give us moral message that
very important for our live. Remember that
everyone can make literature works such poem
or novel because it is flows spontaneously.

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