Preparing for Prom

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Preparing for Prom
Every little girl dreams of the day she is able to attend prom. As young girls we all play dress up and pretend that we are going to prom with our prince. What a young child does not dream of is all the preparations that go into making prom night the perfect night. Prom, for a girl, is something that takes months of planning. Although a girl is always thinking of how she wants her prom to be, she must begin the actual planning process two months prior to prom, make more preparations one month before, and of course take care of final details the week of prom.

The planning of prom details should begin taking place two months prior to prom. The first thing you should do is begin looking for a dress. Finding the perfect dress can take a very long time, especially since girls tend to be very particular. You should allow yourself plenty of time to find the dress that is perfect for you. This also allows you time to have alterations made to the dress if necessary. After you have found the perfect dress, you should begin your search for the perfect pair of shoes to match. Although the shoes are not near as important as the dress, you should still allow time to browse many different options. Next, you should figure out who you will be attending prom with. There are many different options available when deciding who to go to prom with. Most girls choose to attend prom with a male companion or boyfriend. If that is your choice, you should determine what male you will be going with and ask him to attend with you if he has not already asked you. As mentioned before though, there are other options open to you. Some girls choose to attend prom either by themselves or with friends. This would be the perfect solution if you are just looking to have a fun rather than romance. The final preparation to be made during this time period is what your transportation will be. There are two main forms of transportation used for proms today. Sometimes a big group of...
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