8th Grade Graduation Speach

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Julianne Milani
May 31, 2012
Period 2
In 5th grade I never wanted to leave Wolcott. I thought middle school was just filled with mean teachers, more work, and mean kids. I guess I was just stereotyping because that’s not at all what it had turned out to be. When I first walked through those doors to Sedgwick I was feeling a whole mix of emotions like happy, scared and excited.

In 6th grade everyone still had their groups they hung out with in elementary school and we barely talked to kids we didn’t know. Top of The Sixes was a great way to meet new friends. We all got along really well and we enjoyed working with Mrs. Lotstein and it was so much fun! I remember 6th grade like it was yesterday. One last memory I had in 6th grade is when we were doing that huge research project for Mr. Celio and Charlotte and I were in the Mexico group. The night we were showcasing our project I remember that me and Charlotte were doing the dance we made up with our maracas and she accidentally flung some icing from the cake onto Mrs. Martinelli.

7th grade was a super fun year. That’s when everyone really started becoming friends with other people and soon we all became really close like one huge family. Even the relationships between the students and the teachers were close. One teacher that really helped a lot of people find their talents was Mr. Tracey. When he did Hairspray and Grease I bet there was a lot of people who participated, and they never would have been comfortable getting on that stage in front of all those people and showing off their talents without him.

Then 8th grade comes along, our last year at Sedgwick. It was strange at first with all of our friends from the year before being at Conard and it didn’t feel right. Eventually we got used to it though and by this point we have all had our up’s and down’s. There has been happy moments and sad moments but overall it has been an awesome middle school career for most of us. As much as we say...
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