Audience and High School Sophomores

Topics: George W. Bush, Audience, Audience theory Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Type your answers to the following questions directly onto this document. Save it to your hard drive.
Resubmit it to blackboard.

Question #1
How might the following situations affect a speech? What would you do to adjust? A You are the last speaker before Thanksgiving break.
B Somebody walks in during your speech, looks around, and leaves. C The speaker before your gave a great speech. As you get up people are still laughing. D The speaker before you gives a rotten speech and has to sit down. He will not stop crying. E The speaker before you does the same topic.

Type your answers below:
audience wouldn’t be paying much attention to my speech and would be thinking about going home. I would try and have a really good attention getter to get back the attention of my audience. audience would get distracted. I would try and make a joke about it and bring the audiences attention back to my speech. It would make me more nervous to give my speech. I would give him props on his speech and wait until the audience gives me their attention. The audience would be distracted by the student crying. I would ask the student if they needed to get water or step out for a little. The audience would think they are going to hear the same thing. I would use the speech in my introduction and tell them why my speech will be different.

Question #2
How would you tailor a speech on FOOD to:
A high school sophomores
B senior citizens
C student dietitians
D football players (college)
Type your answers below.
I would make it about food in the cafeteria
I would make it about cooking because I know my grandparents love to cook I would make it about eating healthy and different diet foods I would make it about eating healthy for sports and its advantages.

Question #3
What does it mean to say that people are egocentric? What implications does the egocentrism of audiences hold for you as a public speaker? Type your answer below.

It means that they are concerned...
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