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Topics: Ethics, Public speaking, Public speaker Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Public speaking ethics will help speakers to develop guidelines that are useful know. How can we know what is ethical and what is not? Practicing ethical speaking and presentation is not just a matter of of common sense. Words are power. Ethics in public speaking are important because of the tremendous influence one can exert with words alone. There are numerous breakdowns of the ethics in public speaking. There are three main areas of ethics in public speaking. These ethical foundations are:The Ethics of What You Say: What you say would include the words you use, how you explicate an idea, how you expound, illustrations you use and use of humor. The Ethics of How You Say It: Intonation, pace, pitch, power, sarcasm, and even your preparation. The Ethics of How You Present: Accurate, honest (to your self and the audience), original or attributed, plagiarized, avoiding language abuse, avoiding abusive language, avoiding degrading or derogatory speech, avoiding divisive speech. Included is plagiarism. There is a unique set of mores when it comes to using other peoples material. If you do and fail to give attribution, it is simply considered stealing. Considering the ethical foundations and their applications will help in any speech making process. Is this important? Consider how many times politicians, athletes, or the famous are forced to apologize because of unethical conduct. Common sense is not so common, even among the experienced. Ethics (according to the American Heritage Dictionary) are a set of moral principles. They especially are principles relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct. Public speaking and those who attain mastery of public speaking have both mores and ethics they must follow. Failure to follow these could cost their credibility and future ability to speak. The damage a speaker can do because of not having their ethics in check means that the standards need to be even higher What are the most Important Ethics in...
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