Ethos And Corruption Scandal Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics, Political philosophy, Government, Democracy / Pages: 1 (181 words) / Published: Nov 25th, 2016
Ethos is established by convincing a given audience that the speaker has the right motive and intentions for the audience. The ethical integrity, which is established by Ethos, is a premise for being able to be persuasive to a given audience. When people listening to the speech no longer trust the speaker, then no argument by the speaker will be able to be persuasive. Corruption scandals, for example, can be very damaging for politicians. This is because corruption scandals signify that the given politician has the wrong motives and intentions. Corruption scandals, therefore, signals that the politician is primarily concerned with his/her own interests and therefore not concerned with the interest of the people he/she is representing. So,

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