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The Construction of Black Feminism Thoughts in



In 2009, an American drama film entitled

Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Saphire

orsimply called as


was produced. The media mogul, Oprah Winfrey was interested to promote itwidely by taking the position as the executive producer. The reason of Oprah’s interest to the film wasunquestionable. For so long, she has always been known for her deep concern on women’s issues, andthis is the film all about.


is a film which film tells about the life of a fat young Black woman namely ClareecePrecious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) in 1985 US. In the age of 16, Precious now bears second child fromher own father. Yes, she is raped twice by her own biological father. She only lives with her mother,Mary Jones (Mo’Nique) and she lives in a living hell with her. Her monstrous mother always torturesher as an expression of her depression of not being able to protect Precious from her lover’s raping aswell as her anger and jealousy. For her solid acting as monstrous mother, Mo’Nique was then awardedan Oscar in 2010. Precious is then expelled from her school and is transferred to an alternative school inwhich she meets an inspiring lesbian teacher, Miss Blu Rain (Paula Patton). In this new school Preciousfinds new friends as well as new family. This Oscar winning film is about self-empowering and self-encouraging for black women andwomen of color in general. Therefore,


inarguably incorporates Black Feminism ideas within.Black Feminism is a branch of feminism that specifically addresses the issues of Black women.


could be used as a perfect model to understand surface or deeper concept about Black Feminism. Itcould be done through analyzing how this film embodies Black Feminism ideas through its three majorcharacters Mary Jones, Precious and her lesbian teacher, Ms. Blu Rain.

Black Feminism: an Overview

Unlike white women, Black women...
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