Topics: Drama, Physical abuse, Father Pages: 2 (895 words) Published: April 27, 2013
English 61: Discussion Questions for Push by Sapphire
1. This is bitter book, was my first reaction. I didn't know if I wanted to finish it, because it was just horrible how this girl had been treated and what she had to go through. It kind of shocked me the fact that she went through all of the trouble. At first As I was reading I thought that the mother would of have the courage to stop the father from abusing precious, I mean its his own daughter, who would do such a sick thing. I was wrong; because the mother didn’t even do anything about it instead she as well abused her physically and mentally. 2. The ways that the main character precious is strong is the fact that she went through all the abused in her life all the drama and she still stood high with her head up. She never gave up in school she was determined to finish school, because she got kicked out of her other school just because they found out she was pregnant, which she made the decision to attend to “Each One, Teach One”. Her weakens is though is her not being able to read or write she is ill rate, and she begins to write at the age of 16. She is a strong person the fact that she still returns after having her second baby to school she determine to school. She is dramatize of all the drama in her house she doesn’t stand up against her mother and lets her insult her physically and mentally she doesn’t value the good person she is. 3.There were many problems that precious had that impacted me one of them was that her father abused her not only once, but twice and had a two children’s a girl and a boy whose names are Mongo and Abdul. Another one that hit me as was the fact that she found out by her mother that her dad had AIDS and precious tested her and was as well infected. This doesn’t stop her from living her life she wants to make a change and reads to her kids to they wont be ill rate. Which means this forces her to become an adult in such a young age she needs to grow up and be able to...
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