Pre-History Paper

Topics: Prehistory, Archaeology, Human Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: June 22, 2013
otry All of history is based on evidence left behind for others who are curious and who would like to gather information off from this piece of data. Prehistory, however, is based from documents such as tools made from stone or other more complicated structures, such as architecture. These documents show how our understanding of prehistory changes based on the documents, architecture, culture, or evidence left behind for up-coming generations to start to investigate on. Prehistory and History are both similar but can be very different. Many aspects of prehistory are based on its land and what was left on that land for other to collect. Historians can be thought as crime investigators as well as Paleolithic people who use to gather and collect any supplies or foods. A stable writing system wasn’t established until after prehistory occurred so this would expose how different prehistory is compared to normal history. Plantations and preserved humans, like Egyptians, are good ways to find out how a person might have lived and how their culture was during prehistory. This helps historians look into History more personal since there isn’t any written documents during pre-historic times. Not having written documents not only helps us look into history personally but also makes it easier for historians to remove any possible biased views that might be included in the evidence found. It is always very difficult to gather information and get results from many views, especially since not everyone knew how to write even after a stable writing and reading system was created but there are always bad things that can occur to any piece of history, pre-historic times being one of the most critical and risky of them all. Paper and People can be preserved very well at times to the point where it can be affected and rotten away very lightly depending on when the archaeologist discovers it. However, when it comes to land and architecture, like buildings, it can be affected and...
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