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* Origin of the report
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* Origin of the report
The following report is a requisite for the completion of the MGT210 course under BBA program of North South University. This report was in the making for Nadia Ashraf, Faculty, School of Business, North South University. The primary goal of the course report is to provide students knowledge of how existing businesses run. * Report Preview

This report mainly based on “Comparison of two companies from a particular industry”. We have chosen the consumer products industry. The consumer products industry is comprised of a variety of products, such as toiletries and cosmetics, small appliances, consumer durables, consumer electronics, and other household items. This industry has seen steady growth since the Industrial Revolution, and with the rising markets of Russia, China, and India starting to demand more commodities, this growth is expected to continue into the future. A consumer product is generally any tangible personal property for sale and that is used for personal, family, or household for non-business purposes. To determine whether a good is a consumer product or something else, it requires a factual finding, on a case-by-case basis. This basis will vary from one jurisdiction to another. The report mainly contains two parts. The Organization part gives the idea about brief introduction of company, how it works, mission visions & objectives. The Assignment part consists of SWOT Analysis Part, Competitive edge, Strategic Objectives and Human Resources Management. We have prepared the report which is based on Business Plan on “PRAN GROUP” & “SQUARE CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD”. To prepare this report we have followed report research methodology, especially for SWOT Analysis, Competitive edge, Strategic Objectives and Human Resources Management, which we are going to discuss on the later part of the report. We have done our research part and have collected data on PRAN & SCPL, mostly through internet and put some analytical approach to prepare a well abridged report on both which is going to cover some basic parts as well as some critical functions of overall PRAN & SCPL. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

PRAN is one of the leaders among food and beverage industries in Bangladesh. They think that the comparative advantage of our country lies in agriculture. So PRAN decided to utilize this agricultural advantage and started producing good quality of foods and beverages from raw agricultural materials since the beginning of its inception. From the time of its journey till now PRAN has maintained its quality and become one of the most admired foods and beverages brand among the millions of people of Bangladesh. After fulfilling the demand of local market PRAN has started marketing their products abroad as well and there are 82 countries of the world where PRAN products are regularly being exported. All the PRAN products are produced as per international standards maintaining highest level of quality at every stages of its production process. PRAN is currently producing more than 200 food products under 10 different categories. The whole production process is in strict conformity with international standards, constant research and development to maintain all products of standards. While on other hand, “SQUARE CONDUMERS PRODUCTS LTD” started its operation as an individual company. Within a very short span of time SCPL has already drawn the attention of the consumers by providing quality products and preferred services. Our dedications to quality, uniform products, customer service and competitive prices have given us unique position in the market. The company assures to meet the increasing demand for quality products both at home and abroad. The products with international standards are being exported to more than 22 countries. Dedication to...
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