Practicum Report

Topics: Bookkeeping, Business, Small business Pages: 7 (2386 words) Published: September 21, 2011

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirement in
Accounting 330a

Presented to:

Prof. Teresita Crucero
College of Business and Accountancy
Central Philippine University
Jaro, Iloilo City

Presented by:

Mary Ann Christi M. Espinosa
Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

October 2011


Title Page----------
Table of Contents---------
Narrative Report---------
Analysis Report---------
Introduction Letter---------
Practicum Rating---------
Daily Time Record---------
Exam Permits----------
Attendance Slips---------
Application Form for Practicum-------
Parental Consent Form--------
Log Book/Daily Diaries--------


Internship or on the job training or practicum is one way by which we students are given an opportunity to apply the theories and computations that we have learned from school. It also helps us to obtain applicable knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. College and Universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum.

For us students, a practicum or internship program provides opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipments and documents. In effect the workplace becomes a development venue for us student trainee to learn more about our chosen field and practice what we have learned from the university.

On the other hand, a valuable OJT/Practicum program also profits the companies who accept trainees. First trainee provides extra manpower for a significant labor cost than a regular employee. Most of them are eager to learn the ropes so chances are high that they will cooperate. Employers can use this internship strategy as method of recruiting employees. Since the trainer or supervisor can follow the trainees’ progress, he can gauge based on performance, behavior and attitude if the trainee will make good recruit after the completion of his internship.

We trainees can bring fresh ideas in the organization. Given the opportunity to converse our minds freely and without fear, we may be able to contribute significantly in the brainstorming or research and eventually help improve the organizations productivity. While training the interns, employers are in fact teaching their employees to guide the trainees by stretching their patience, develop teaching skills and make them more sensitive to the needs and mindset of the younger generation. The course of supervision also teaches them how to share what they know and be receptive to questions. Hence, the internship also becomes an avenue in training for future managers of the company.

Accepting on the job trainees can truly be beneficial not only to the trainees but also to the companies that provide opportunities for this type of learning. There is wisdom in the front lines. Such training can be investment that will be valuable to the company later on. This is also why us trainees should take our internship seriously as it can be a powerful tool and possibly even a source of recommendation when they take that big lift from being students to career professionals. Every day, man learns something. It is in his system to learn and discover. Man was born for this. It is an instinct to search for answers in order to satisfy their questions. Save it to their memory and use it in their daily lives. I am on my last semester as a Management Accounting student, I take pride for what I have achieved at this time of my life plus the fact that it’s not easy to maintain a cut-off grade in most of my Accounting subjects in order for me to stay and graduate as a bachelor in Management Accounting. With regards to my off campus practicum, our school sends us to different offices to put our theoretical learning into practical...
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