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Three important characteristics of an F&B staff
* Responsible- An F&B staff should always be responsible when it comes to his/her work. Should be responsible in whatever he/she do. He/she should know what is his/her responsibility once in the workplace. Responsible in taking actions if there are conflicts or complains from the guests. * Honest- An F&B staff should be honest at all times. * Hardworking- An F&B staff should always be hardworking. Should always have a focus on his/her work. 6 values of Discovery Shores

* Acting with Integrity at all times
* Aiming for Excellence
* Empowering our People
* Taking Responsibility
* Making a Difference
* Being one Team
Sands Restaurant
* Sands Restaurant is blessed with a spectacular view of the beach; the sands restaurant combines the cozy ambiance of luxury dining with the uninhibited sense of the idyllic life. The cuisine is fresh, happy with lots of fruit-based concoctions. The pleasant climate in Boracay encourages a light, summery approach to cooking, the sea’s abundance allows for the Chef and his team to paint the restaurant cuisine with a very broad pallete. * Sands Restaurant offers Asian and Western Cuisine.

Breakfast Buffet starts at 6am and ends at 10am. It has also wide selections of food. Breakfast buffet has different station. It has hot station which includes the main courses, hot water, hot choco, and hot milk. It has also a cold station which includes the salads, dessert, chilled juices. Fruit and Bread sation is also included in breakfast buffet. A complimentary coffee is also included. And lastly, the Omelet station which offers a different kinds of omelet that the guest would love to eat. Breakfast Ala Carte starts at 6am and ends at 11am. It has a wide selection of appetizers and first courses, dessert, beverages, coffees, shakes and fruit juices. All day dining starts at 11am and ends at 11pm. It has a wide selection of appetizers and first courses, dessert, beverages, coffees, shakes and fruit juices. Top 5 best seller:

* A simple Green Salad
* Big Bowl of Frites
* Caesar Salad
* Hot and Sour Shrimp soup
* Shanghai Noodle soup
Main Course/Sharing/Snacks
* Lechon Kawali
* Beef Steak Tagalog
* Sands buko Sinigang
* Chicken “inasal”
* Fiesta Crispy pata
* Boracay Mix Seafood Grill
* Prawns Halabos nPlatter
* Bon-ton Chicken
* A full rack of Baby Back Ribs
* Pacific Bounty Crabs
* Crispy Shrimp “firecrackers”
* Chicken Croquetas
* Chef Ian’s Nacho Grande
* Korean Bulgogi Taco
* Spicy Tuna Roll

Sequence of Service

A. Greet the guest.
-10 feet from the guest body language
-5 feet from the guest, smile and greet the guest “Magandang Umaga, Tanghali, Hpon, or greet -by their name. B. Seat the Guest
-Always seat the guest first.
-Ladies first, eldest if applicable.
C. Give cold towels
-Always ensure that the cold towel is clean before you serve to the guest. D. Introduce yourself
-Magandang Umaga welcome to Sands Restaurant I’m ________________________and I will be your server for tonight, today. E. Unfold the napkin
-Ladies first (always on the right
-Right feet forward, right and inward.
F. Presentation of the menu
-First the beverage menu
-Second the Ala Carte Menu
G. Take order/serve beverage
-Upsell, ladies first the the host
-Basic up selling? Martini
-Pardon me sir, do you have any particular gin for your martini. -Water?
-Would that be still or sparkling we have Fiji and santa victoria or our regular viva. H. Taking of food order/ up sell
-Menu knowledge, preparation time of the food from the kitchen. I. Very very important( repeat the order)
J. Give or serve compliments.
-“Pardon me mam/sir we have some compliments from the chef it is...
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