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Case study report of


BY W.D.E.Sandaruwan

PQHRM – 31/75


The case in brief-

This is a case occurred in Super TV Company which is engaging in producing TV receivers. Ms. Milani is the head of TV assemble and producing department and she is the one who is having this problem. The manager Mr. Leelarathne and Mr. Ariyaseena is the responsible for this case that is because of poor leader ship skills is provided to the followers.

The top management had decided to produce neo design to the market and much research had been conducted on it and decided to start the new item after installing new equipment ordered. But still necessary party had not been informed or even not been given a proper training on it. After getting to know it Ms. Milani frustrated and so angry of her top management and this case this is not the first time such case occurred in this company.

1. What are the issues in this case?

• Poor leadership skills and knowledge,

• Big communication gap between top and down level management,

• Poor attention on motivate people,

• Working without clear idea about the vision,

• No proper system to identify training needs.

2. What is the most important issue in my view?

According to my view the major problem the company having is Big communication gap between top and down level management that had been provided by Mr. Leelarathne and Mr. Ariyaseena and because of that they hadn’t kept their followers informed when it is necessary. Therefore the planned new item couldn’t produces as the top managers and the department head accepted and the head of the department Ms. Milani was so angry and frustrated about their management. Let’s have a deep view on this matter.

The vision of the company is made by top level managers, and there after it should go up to every level of managers and every follower through a good communication system. That is to take the attention of every one on the entire purpose of the company that has been defined by the vision.

Before going in to details of this case better to identify who is the leader that is shown the value of communication. Few definitions found have been mentioned bellow.

“Leader is the one who have ability and willingness to influence behaviors of a group of people in order to achieving organizational goals and the objectives accurately”.

Above definition says that leader is the one who influence behavior of group of followers in order to achieving organizational goals and the objectives accurately and to do that, there should have a proper communication system between the managers as leaders and subordinate.

First as a good leader, should keep their subordinate educated and informed about the vision in order to have a clear direction to go and defined acceptation and by vision should go up to every members of the organization so that the members will work in order to achieve them. To keep the subordinate educated and informed about the vision, there should have good two way communication system and it is again says the value of having good communication.

Communication directly helps to the function of leading/directing to ensure that the all the members of the organization are aware of all goals and the objective of the company and are moving in the direction that will achieve objectives.

“Great leader is the one who make his followers great”

Again the above definition says the value of having a good communication system. That is to make the followers great; leader should keep his followers informed about the plans of the company, and it has proven that communication has become an important element of leading/directing faction.

A great leader will keep educate about every thing necessary to keep smooth function of the...
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