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Power Project Packet
The Power Unit is a research-based project. This packet will take you through the four-step process of creating your research product. Please review the entire packet before you begin working! *This replaces the work assigned in the Power Module. Please complete all activities in this packet. The highlighted areas alert you to something you need to write or create.

After you have completed the packet, submit Power 01 and Power 02 with a note in the comment boxes reflecting your completion of the Power Packet. Complete the multiple choice portions of Power 03, 04, and 05, with a note in each written response area reflecting your completion of the Power Packet. Submit this completed packet in Power 06 for credit for the Power Module. Submit your Creative Presentation and MLA-formatted Works Cited Page in Lesson 07. After you submit, call your teacher for your discussion based assessment.

I. The Issue - Stating Your Position
Current Florida Law states that: To earn an operator's license, you must be at least 16 years old AND have held a learner's license for at least one year without any traffic convictions. Some people feel that the minimum age for earning a license should be raised to 18. For this project, you will take a side on this issue. You will either support the raising of the age to 18 or argue against it. Please complete the following activities based on the side you choose. (If you would like to choose a different topic, please contact your teacher for approval.) State your position in a clearly worded sentence here:

I honestly think that Kids under the age of 18 should not be allowed to get there license because of the fact that in the process of getting them that license they are pretty much being entitled the ability to drive a giant metal bullet that is known for its legendary amount of deaths here in the U.S.

II. The Research – Finding Facts to Support Your Opinion
Types of Persuasion:
Logos- appeals to logic. Examples, statistics, and research appeal to our need for logic. Logical appeals use evidence to convince a reader of the truth of the argument. Example: “A new computer would increase our productivity by 5 percent. Since our combined salaries are $300,000, that’s a productivity increase worth $15,000. Subtract the cost of $7500 for the computers, and you have a net gain of $7500.” Pathos- appeals to emotions. Stories and imagery appeal to our emotions. Emotional appeals can make us angry, sad, afraid or happy and convince us that one side is right and another wrong. Example: “Our old computers are so inadequate that we are feeling super cautious (fear) about tackling the biggest bar-coding job.” Ethos- appeals to ethics. This type of argument appeals to the reader’s sense of right or wrong. Example: “It’s only fair that our department gets new computers at this time. Our present computers are five years old. The neighboring department got new computers two years ago.”

Is This a Credible Web Site? – Key Questions
When searching for credible sources on the internet, remember to ask yourself: Regarding the Author
Is it clearly indicated who the author is?
Is there an organization sponsoring the page? How reputable is the organization? What kind of ending does the address have? The ending “.edu” indicates an educational site, “.org” indicates an organization (often including non-profits), while “.com” indicates a commercial site.

Regarding the Content
How recently was the page updated?
Can you tell how well researched the information is?
What are the criteria (or criterion) for including information on this site? What is the tone of the document? Is the author biased toward the topic or is a more objective tone taken? Are there links to other reputable sites?

Is this site favorably rated by a reputable rating system?

Regarding the Purpose
What are the goals of the site? To sell something? To educate? Who is the audience...
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