Poverty Assignment

Topics: Health insurance, Health economics, Earned Income Tax Credit Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Answering question number #3 and #4 in the assignment
#3 Below what income would her family be eligible to receive Medicaid, Child Health Plus (SCHIP), Food Stamps, and subsidized child care? This can be summarized briefly. -Medicaid
For families of three, maximum net income to qualify for Medicaid is $1285 Alternatives:
Family Health Plus (a public health insurance program for adults who are aged 19 to 64 who have income too high to qualify for Medicaid. Family Health Plus is available to single adults, couples without children, and parents who are residents of New York State and are United States citizens or fall under one of many immigration categories) Maximum Gross Annual Income Guide Effective January 1, 2010| Family Size| Yearly Income| Monthly Income| Weekly Income| Single Adult| $10,830| $ 903| $208|

Couples with No Children| $14,570| $ 1,215| $280|
Parents/Guardians Living with at Least 1 Child Under 21|
Family Size 2| $21,855| $1,822| $420|
Family Size 3| $27,465| $2,289| $528|
Family Size 4| $33,075| $2,757| $636|
Family Size 5| $38,685| $3,224| $743|
Family Size 6| $44,295| $3,692| $851|
Family Size 7| $49,905| $4,159| $959|
For each additional person add:| +$ 5,610| +$ 468| +$ 107| She is qualified. There is no cost to apply for Family Health Plus and there are no deductibles once you are enrolled. Once enrolled you may be asked to pay part of the costs of some medical care/services. This is called a co-payment or co-pay. Family Health Plus provides comprehensive health insurance coverage. When you choose a health plan, you will have a regular doctor, get regular checkups and see specialists, if needed. Coverage includes: * physician services;

* inpatient and outpatient hospital care;
* prescription drugs and smoking cessation products;
* lab tests and x-rays;
* vision, speech and hearing services;
* rehabilitative services (some limits apply);
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