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Exam 2 review

1.Agenda building is identifying a problem and getting it on the agenda

2.On which issue did Republican George W. Bush attempt to "steal the clothes of the other party" by trying to do what Democrats are known for?

3.Policy formulation is the debate over exactly how to solve formulation

4.Which of the following happened in 2003 and may have guaranteed the success of Medicare reform prescriptions plan? Introduced the Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (like Part D Plans)

5.Since 1965, spending on health care in the United States as a percentage of national income has In 1965, about 6% of our income was spent on health care, and that % has been increasing ever since, exceeding 15% by 2005 and projected to reach 16% by 2010.

6.Health care in the United States 564-565

7.Medicaid is a joint federal-state program designed to subsidize health care costs for the poor.

8.Those people who are least likely to have health insurance are less likely to get basic preventive care, such as mammograms; less likely to have a personal physician and more likely to rate their own health as only poor or fair

9.The national government provides basic health insurance to all citizens in all of the following countries except The U.S.

10.The absolute number of people in poverty 36.5 million

11.Currently, adjustments to the poverty income threshold are based on changes in CPI

12.By far the largest portion of the federal budget that goes to aid limited-income persons and families is spent on Medicaid

13.The program that most people think of when they hear the word welfare is now called TANF- temporary assistance for needy families

14.The basic welfare program provides payments that average nationwide $700 a month for a family of 4

15.The federal program that provides assistance to disabled persons is called SSI- Supplemental Security Income

16.The Earned-Income Tax Credit program was created in 1975 to help low income workers

17.The fastest-growing subgroup of the homeless population is composed of Homeless Families

18.Examples of attempts to "criminalize" homelessness include no sleeping on park benches, sidewalks and no panhandling

19.Currently, four out of five immigrants to the United States come from Latin America or Asia

20.Explanations for the decline in crime rates in recent years include all of the following except growing economy, funds to curb crime, persons jailed, legalized abortion

21.Political responses to the rise in serious juvenile crimes do not include juvenile curfew, trying juveniles as adults and boot camps

22.Homicide rates in the United States were at their peak in the period American Revolution

23.Theft rates in the United States declined since 1970’s

24.The number of incarcerated persons in the United States 751/701

25.The nation with the highest reported incarceration rate of any country in the world is United States

26.The Clean Water Act of 1972 makes waters safe for swimming; protects fish; and eliminates the discharge of pollutants into water

27.The Endangered Species Act made it illegal to kill harm or otherwise take a species listed as endangered or threatened

28.Global warming ____________.

29.Approximately 45 million Americans do not have health insurance.

30.San Francisco's Health Access Plan Universal Healthcare (financed by local govt, mandatory contributions by employers, and income adjusted premiums by users)

31.Recessions two or more successive quarters in which the economy shrinks instead of grows.

32.Inflation refers to a sustained rise in the average level prices (consumer price index)

33.During the Great Depression, unemployment peaked officially at over 25 %

34.The Great Depression ended support in America for Dual federalism and laissez faire economics

35.Among the unemployed, 1/3 are eligible for unemployment benefits.

36.Today's dollar is...
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