Positive effects of the middle ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Byzantine Empire, Pope Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Anastasia Melnichenko
Professor Ann Murphy
History 103
23 September 2014
Positive Effects of the Middle Ages
Thousands of years ago, religion had evolved and started to spread in the Middle Ages. This then became an exceptionally influential force, particularly the intensifying role of the church and the pope. It was a time when the church was Catholic and its main focus was to give salvation to the people. In my opinion, the expansion and development of religion in the Middle Ages had both positive and negative attributions. Fortunately, the positive had overcome the negative in the medieval era because of the role of the church, the contribution of the pope, and influential factors that the church and the pope had on not only society in general, but also people’s daily lives. This was one of the greatest reason the Church was important during the Middle Ages. As seen in the text, the movements represent a great power of the Church. The movements greatly contributed to the people of the Byzantine Empire who “achieved a level of wealth, power, and cultural glory” (Backman 238). This was the “heroic age” known as the Dark Ages (Backman 237). Here, many significant achievements occurred due to the religion of Christianity that most of the churches practiced. One example of the many achievements that took place was the “magnificent new capital city of Consrantinople” (Backman 237). The Church, which was supreme, started many movements. As seen in chapter 9, the crusades represent a great power of the Church, but also one of its biggest letdowns. They took over the Holy Land, but at a high cost. The crusaders contributed greatly to the destruction of the Byzantine Empire and the eventual fall of Constantinople to the Muslims. Although this was a negative attribution, the Crusades had quite the impact of the society. Their religious factor is what made them stand out because it “please God and made one a better Christian” (Backman 313). This had a positive...
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