Positive Effects of Media on Children

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Andre Rappaccioli
AP English
August 20, 2013
Positive effects of media on children
Many people argue that the media only brings negative effects on children, forcing the parents to constantly say “no” to their children’s requests. Parents argue that the media repetitively advertises junk food and things that may damage a child’s health; and they are forced to “counter the culture”, which means to stop the messages that the media is trying to deliver to their children. Although it may be true that some of what the media advertises is not good on big quantities for the children’s health, I believe that not everything the media presents is bad, as it has plenty of positive sides. Much of the kids’ programming shown on TV is meant to be educational, and teach the children different aspects of the world. By watching television and the media, the children discover what they truly like, what sports they’re interested in, what instruments they want to play, etc. Furthermore, the television advertisements can bring positive effects on the kids’ knowledge about everyday lives, and different aspects of such influence children positively. The use of social media and television has more positive effects than what it has negative, it is a key part of our current society and the minds of the children.

Television acts as a meaningful teacher for children, as many programs that the kids watch are educational and cover aspects of the world in a way that it is understandable by children. Sesame Street has been one of the most influential TV show on children for over 35 years now, and it has shown to have positive results in the viewer’s learning skills and developing character. By watching Sesame Street, toddlers can learn much about cultural diversity, racial harmony, cooperation, kindness, and how to manage feelings and emotions. This show also teaches basic simple arithmetic and the alphabet to children, in such way that is easily understandable by the kids with no...

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