Position Paper

Topics: Webster's Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Dictionary Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Position Paper

I do think Lucy Donavan violated the UHD Honesty Policy because she obtained and used unauthorized material to prepare for her Intro to Politics midterm exam and was not honest in her glimpse of seeing the major essay topic. Lucy obtained the midterm exam from the photocopying machine. The definition of “obtain” in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary means “to hold on to, or possess.” In the case of Lucy she had possession of the test when she picked it up from the photocopy machine. This fact shows that Lucy did obtain the exam. The UHD Academic Honesty Section 2.2 labeled Academic Honesty Violations, Bullet 3, states that “obtaining and/ or using unauthorized material.” Lucy did violate this section of the policy. Lucy also used the essay topic seen on the exam copy to prepare for her test. She knew the main essay topic and was able to use the “unauthorized material” from the test to make an outline of the topic and present it on the test day. Paragraph 2, Sentence 2 page 410 states, “As soon as Prof. Sanders handed out the exam, she glanced at the essay question, picked up her pen, opened her examination book, and began writing.” The definition of “unauthorized” from the Merriam Webster Dictionary means “unapproved.” Since Lucy did not have Prof. Sander’s permission to look at his test and familiarize herself with the essay topic is in fact unapproved and is a violation under the UHD Honesty Policy. Lucy was not honest in her finding of Professor Sanders test at her work-study office job. She knowingly broke the Academic Honesty Code. In Section 2.1.1 Academic Honesty Code it states that “The Academic Honesty Code is the University’s Standard of honesty. The code states, “Students must be honest in all academic activities and must not tolerate dishonesty.” In Lucy’s case she did not follow that code. Lucy did not come forward from the beginning when she saw the essay topic at her job on campus. Instead she left work and was dishonest with...
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