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Research proposal 
“Indian portfolio management – A comparative study of  nationalized, co­operative and private bank of Gujarat”

Prepared by
Ravaliya Dipika M.
Under the Guidance of 
Dr. Girish N. Rana
Associate Professor 
J. Z. Shah Arts & H. P. Desai Commerce College 
Amroli, Surat



Portfolio Management
 A Portfolio means a collection of investments all owned by the same

individual or organization.
 The art of selecting the right investment policy for the individuals in terms of minimum risk and maximum return is called as portfolio management.
 Advantages:
 Dividend Reinvest
 Risk reduction (safety)
 Disadvantages:
 High expenses and sales charges
 Tax inefficiency


Comparison between nationalized, cooperative and private bank  Public sector bank are support by state or local government, it

also greater share of government (more than 50%), so that main motto of social welfare other than maximizing profit remains.  Private sector bank are those banks where the management is

controlled by private individual and government does not any say in the management of these bank. Maximizing the profit is basis motto.
 C0-operative Bank are run by it’s member. These members are

at once both the owners and the customers of the bank, by
virtue of holding shares in the bank and/or having deposits with them. 
Bank protest their common interest.


How portfolio should be managed in
various product of bank
 There

are many types of portfolio including aggressive,
defensive, income portfolio etc. bank managed the portfolio of individual, trust and institution.

 Portfolio of RBI included cash inflow (total inflow, income inflow,

total loan, loan return, sales of assets, withdrawn of deposit) and cash outflow(consumption outflow, Non-consumption outflow).
 ICICI Bank will assist for Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

like Equity based Products, Commodity based Products, Index
linked Products etc.

portfolio management including, buy and sell share,
debentures of Indian companies on the Indian Stock Market.



Problem of portfolio management of bank
 Too many loans, advances, not enough and properly managed

 Loan repayment portfolio management.
 Making go/kill decision in absence of solid information.  Risk management.
 Management of portfolio strategy by criteria of maximum

expected income on the end of the period of management
with restriction on risk the maximum financial losses in the management period.


Research objective
• Find out factor which affect portfolio management of bank.

 To study about investors attitude.

 To make SWOT analysis of different sector bank in special

reference to portfolio management.
 Create requirement of portfolio manager as professional.

 Comparative

study of portfolio management of bank in
reference to types of portfolio, availability of portfolio manager service, nature of security, time scale for investment etc.



Research methodology
Under the research methodology using historical data,
qualitative research as per requirement of study.
 primary stage

observation , interest, formulation of research problem,
conceptual clarity and documentation.
 secondary stage
 Research project planning

list of the selected bank, sources of available information, identify
research area, selected qualitative respondent,
formulating with portfolio manager of bank, time require to
complete research.


 Research planning formulation
 Data collection

- primary data collected survey will be used
- secondary data collected from financial report of bank,
data provided
by authority
 Data classification and analysis

for the classification of data statistical tool and M.S. excel will be used.



Scope of the study
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