Portfolio Entry 2

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Portfolio Entry #2

During his trial, Socrates stated that ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ True to his words, without reflection, we would never know where we erred and get back on the right track. The opportunity to be able to complete this ID Unit has given me a chance to learn more about working in a team and more importantly, about myself.

Working in my ID Unit team has many positives. First, we learnt how to cooperate well as a team as we paid attention to the group member who was sharing ideas. Second, we also learnt how life was like for the doctors living in the 1890s-Simply tiring and tedious as they had to see the sufferings of the common people. Third, when we were discouraged as there was simply too much to do, Member M told us jokes in an attempt to cheer us up and it was then we had the spirit and energy to get working again. Working in a team has many positives but there are also multiple negatives that we must overcome.

Although working in my ID Unit team has many positives, there are many negatives that are obviously, unpleasant. Some negatives include the fact that some people didn’t do much work. For example, Member J slacked a lot and only edited some parts of the questions leaving more work for the other team members. This problem was solved when we made sure that she contributed something significant and we also asked a group member to supervise her work and make sure she doesn’t submit sub-standard work. If we face this problem again, we will definitely chide her and inform her of the consequences of slacking and leaving all the work to the other team members, which is very unfair. Another problem we faced is that sometimes members of our group would daydream. This was solved when the other group members told that particular member to stop dreaming and focus on the topic at hand. These proves that negatives, although bad, may be solved easily just through the right approach.

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