Ct192 - Priniciples of Working with and Supervising Others in a Business Environment

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1 - Understand the purpose of working with others in a team

1.1 - Describe how team working can help to achieve goals and objectives
Working as a team allows the workload to be shared, giving the advantage that some members wont have to do more work than another. When there is a group of people working on the same job, it is common that each member will work more effectively as they are supported throughout their specific task. A massive benefit of having more people working on the same task is that ones weakness may be another’s strength; this allows the team be outcome of the job to be of the highest standards.

1.2 - Explain the purpose of sharing work goals and plans when working in a team
If work is shared and all tasks are planned then each member of the team feels included and valued. If each member knows that their individual tasks are, and what they are working towards this allows each member to know what is expected of them at the end of the task.

2 - Understand how to behave in a way that supports positive working with others

2.1 - Explain the purpose of agreeing and setting standards for own work and the work of a team
It is important to have standards as they ensure that any work that is completed is done so by the company requirements and on time. Being that all work in being completed following the companies requirements this convinces the management team that employees are aware what is required from them.

2.2 - Identify how to allocate work to a team so the best use is made of strengths and abilities
Work should be allocated on a fair basis whilst being sure that members of the team are being best used with regards to their ability, skills and expertise. The team members decide who is going to do which part of a task by taking part in a group discussion. This allows all members of the team to have good relationships between one and another and overall leads to a good working team.

2.3 - Explain the purpose of treating others

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