Service Learning

Topics: Blood sugar, Artery, Health care Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Analysis Paper
For the service learning project in this class we participated in a health fair serving the underprivileged population. We completed this project with the , who graciously allowed us to participate in one of their weekly food drive events.

At the beginning of the class, we were assigned to groups. The project leader from the class was Michael. In my assigned group there were three students: Julie, Christina and myself. We chose blood pressure and blood glucose for our topic. Christina was chosen to be the group leader. Julie and I were considered the “listeners” of the group, meaning we would complete whatever task Christina assigned us. I think this worked out well because I believe that I work better when I have someone telling me what I need to complete. We all gathered information regarding blood pressure and blood glucose and emailed it to Christina. She then used that information to make a poster board on our topics. She also went online and found handouts about blood glucose from a trusted and credible medical website (I believe it was the CDC website, but I am not completely sure).

There were a lot of positives about our group. We are all very educated and excited about the things that we were presenting on and many of us have experience on what we were doing. For example, I have done blood pressures and blood sugars on missions trips in the past and Christina does both in the hospitals for clinical. This was very helpful in getting our health fair done properly and effectively because we knew that we were doing it correctly. Some weaknesses that the team encountered were ensuring that everyone completed their assigned task and had it turned in on time. I had initially failed at this as I did not complete or turn in my portion of the grant proposal. I then got my act together and was an active participant for the rest of the service learning project. I think that after the first part of the project, the grant proposal, our group...
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