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Topics: Marketing, Shopping mall, Market segmentation Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: January 13, 2012
Market Segmentation of the Different Brands
Consumers in the bookstore industry differ in their wants, resources, buying attitudes and buying practices. For this report, the different market segments of Popular Holdings will be examined through segmenting the brands by specifically looking at the characteristics and purchase behavior of the target consumers of the different brands. Market Segmentation Based on Consumers’ Characteristics

The consumers in the bookstore industry display very different characteristics. The report will now look at how the target customer characteristics vary at each of the Popular’s brand. Table X compares the different customer segmentation of the different brands based on 3 main consumers’ characteristics.

Popular Bookstore{ Prologue }HarrisUrbanWrite
OccupationStudent– Stationaries, textbook, guidebooks and assessment books based on particular subjects. Office workers- Stationaries, office –equipment.Professionals- Specific titles based on industry e.g. Business books, Engineer books Non-occupation related- Offers sophisticated selection of books. Books like novels, biographies and self-help books.Non-occupation related- Wide and comprehensive range of local and international titles. Books like novels, biographies, and self-help books. Professionals- Specific titles based on industry but less in proportion as compared to {Prologue}. Students- Personal and stylish stationaries that might appeal to students and younger generations. Professionals- Unique range of stationaries and other products that will be ideal for gifts and display purposes. IncomeIncome-unbiased –

As a large amount of products in Popular are fast moving range products that are convenience goods, income may be less important for Popular as the products serves to answer to the basic needs of majority of the consumers. Examples of such products are stationaries and office equipment.Mid to Upper Level Income Although {Prologue} do offer convenience...
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