Topics: Britney Spears, Defecation, Feces Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: May 21, 2014
Everybody in their car wanna
Make poop
Everybody going on a date
Make poop
Everybody running late
Just make poop

When you're dodging traffic cause you gotta take a dump
No matter how good you drive you'll always hit a bump
But you will get home now sooner or later
But cross your fingers that you have toilet paper

If you gotta shit and you're stuck in traffic
Your palms will sweat and your ass will twitch
Ain't that a bitch?
If it starts to come out, just give your cheeks a pinch

Have you ever had to take a shit at a zoo?
Maybe at school?
Maybe in a pool?
Sometimes I have to take a shit in the drive through

Make poop
This song goes out to the truckers
Man I feel bad for all you motherfuckers!

Make poop
The people who like jumping out a plane
Make poop
The people who get stuck in the rain
Make poop
It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor
Make poop
Everybody just need to make poop

All the girlies do it like Britney Spears
Pushing out a nutty-butty, face full of tears
Mr.T has problems with his colon
Cause every time he shits it looks like Gary Coleman

Whenever you go and take a crap, do you ever turn around and take a look back? Do you shit before you pee?
Sometimes I pee before I poop and when I poop I pee freely

If this song makes you feel weird,
Make poop
Who cares about the other people
Just make poop
Everybody has a butt hole, make poop
If someone gets mad, tell them they make poop

That's it! I haven't heard enough people out there talking about making poop! So what am I going to do?
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