Topics: Democracy, Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Political instability in Pakistan is a huge problem for us The territorial issues and border conflicts with India, the socio-economic differences within the country, the struggle for a share of power between the provinces and the early death of the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah, are some of the realities which not only politicized the policy making elites and their willingness in introducing the fair democratic procedures but also encouraged the non-democratic elements including the army. Even after 63 years, as a corollary, the country could not get cleaned from feudal, tribal, panchayat system and sectarian segregation. In this grim situation the public has been left untutored in the kind of vigilance usually needed to hold political leaders accountable. Pakistan failed to establish a stable democratic government due to constitutional conflict. Due to political instability, Pakistan’s economic and social growth has been curtailed. The root cause of Pakistan political woes lies in its feudal and the winner-take-all approach to governing that has been practiced by successive civilian and military leaders. The Muslim League that brought independence to Pakistan, lacked internal democracy. Once partition and statehood had been achieved, provincial and local political parties have confined the Muslim League to just a paper-party. There was no opposition party to counter Muslim League initially, but later on, Muslim league itself disappeared. Coupled with the political legacy of Muslim League, the civil and military bureaucracy, that was of much importance due to its scarce number, gained so much power that they depressed the political institution. The constitution-less 10 years-history from 1947 to 1956-was an ill exercise of the political actors, which invoked the military to interfere in the politics. Absence of a complete constitution, allowed the people with power to manipulate the political and constitutional institutions, as they wanted. The powerful...
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