Political Parties Would It Be Better Off If United?

Topics: United States, Political party, Roe v. Wade Pages: 11 (2018 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Political Parties Would Be Better of If United?

In the United States government there is two parties that reign supreme that end up controlling

the future of this country. Thus, the people of the United States are also split into these political parties.

One known as “Democrats” and the other as “Republicans”. Since the beginning of the formation of

the United States our founding fathers started these parties. Thomas Jefferson believed that there should

be a small National Government and that the states should have more power. While Alexander

Hamilton believed that there should be a strong National Government and that the states should have

less power. These two ideas set the United States divided in a way that we couldn't agree on how to run

the government as easily.

Back then the two parties fought for there views endlessly but to help better the United States.

But I feel that now the two parties today, have lost sight of whats important and what is best for people

as a whole. Today the constantly fight over who has more power and who gets to have more power in

the end. This controversy I feel this is hurting the country and the people more and more. Where we are

losing sight of whats best for everybody just because these two parties want to see who has more


I think that if the two political parties were to work together regardless what party they are from

our United States would prosper exponentially and there wouldn't be any strife or seperation amongst

the people and we could do what would be best for the people. Not to see which party looks better and

comes out on top. Because I feel that doesn't matter if people all over are suffering through unfair

means and are being cheated when there is help and where help can be done.

I propose that we get rid of the names of the political parties and combine our views in a way

that would be beneficial for everyone the rich, the poor, everyone. So we can become United as one so

that everyone is satisfied. I'm tired of seeing political figures in Congress arguing always one sided

against each other from Republicans and Democrats constantly not even acknowledging each others

views. Being too stubborn to at least think about and take into account what the others are saying and

then seeing, “ok I don't agree with that issue due to it won't be beneficial to the country” not instead of

just being narrow-minded and not even considering the issue.

“If there were no political parties Congressional elections would tend to be much more local,

because there would be no national parties to pump millions into local races. This change would go a

long way to make running for Congress more about ideas and qualifications and less about wealth.

If there were no political parties the influence of the wealthy over our nation’s politics would be greatly

diminished, because they would not be able to buy off entire parties simply by writing a few checks.

Instead, they would have to make direct contact with every politician they wished to influence.”

(Jonathan Simeone). I think that this case is true that political parties tend to be runned by popularity

and money and should our country be runned like that when it can be any rich guy that is just rich

because of their daddy? I don't believe in this method. It should be more selective and something you

earn and qualify for.

If we can't come to an understanding between the political parties then in turn I think we should

have a branch of selected unbiased people that will look at whats best for the country and everybody.

Something like the Judicial Branch and the Supreme Court how they are supposed to be unbiased. But

in the past and even now the people on the Supreme Court are appointed by their parties and still are

biased on and agree with the parties views. We should then have a...
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