Essay Outline : Assess the Importance of Party Government in Leading to the Rise of Militarism in Japan.

Topics: Fascism, Military, Empire of Japan Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Party government

Bring disappointment to the people

--Failure to educate the public about democracy to help consolidate the democratic ( People lost confidence in democracy and turned to support the political ideas advocated by extreme nationalists. It looked like democracy was not eh suitable choice of government to Japan, put hope on military, give military an opportunity to restore authoritarian rule.

--Fail to protect the rights of its own country, brought humiliation to people (e.g. Paris Peace Conference: western powers rejected Japan’s demand for racial equality to be included in the Covenant of the League of Nations Washington Conference: Japan was forced to return Shangdong to China, Japan had to accept a lower tonnage of capital ships to the US and Britain.

--Corrupt and unreliable politicians
( Different parties concerned with how to gain power for themselves rather than solve the problems of the country and the people --e.g. - close connection with the zaibatsu
- Minseito and Seiyukai

--Fail to bring the military under control

--Unstable government with frequent changes
( 1918-1932, six cabinets had been created. Frequent change of government made policy making difficult, so people criticized that the party government was not ruling the country efficiently and effectively.

--fail to provide effective solutions to the economic crisis (1927 Banking Crisis
Owing to credit crises, some bank collapsed
(1929 The Great Depression
-Limited resources to satisfy the growing population + relied much on import of raw materials and foodstuff. In 1926, japan was already suffering from a domestic economic recession, followed by banking crisis 1927. This worsened the situation and further weakened the democratic party government -Foreign countries levied heavy custom duties on Japanese good. Because of the protectionism policy, by 1931, total exports had been reduced by 50%. This led to decrease in wages and unemployment...
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