Polish Migration to Uk

Topics: United Kingdom, Poland, Poles Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: August 9, 2012
Polish Migration to the UK
Polish migration to the UK began in the year 2004, when Poland joined the EU. People were moving from Poland to the UK in search of jobs and better pay, because there was shortage of work in Poland and the pay was not good, some people only being paid £4 a day whereas in the UK people were getting £400 a day. They were doing jobs that British people did not want to do such as plumbing, cleaning, building and driving, Polish people were generally very hard workers and were not paid much for what they did but it was still a lot more than what they earned previously in Poland. Because British people didn’t want to do these jobs there were more of the jobs available and no qualifications and only Basic English would be needed. Since Poland joined the EU last May, 73,545 Poles have signed the British government register of migrant workers: nearly half of that figure is made up of new immigrants. The Polish provided workers for the construction boom that fuelled our economy for the past few years, of course. And sending over qualified doctors and nurses for the NHS A negative impact of Polish migration into the UK is that it is putting strain on doctors surgeries as there are so many new patients to have to deal with. A positive impact on Britain was that the Poles were good hard workers and were paid a low amount. The UK had 27 000 child benefit applications approved which would cost a lot of money. But in Cambridgeshire police will have to pay £800 000 for translators for foreigners in the area. Positive impacts in Poland were that people had a higher standard of living now and the monthly salary had increased. Some negative impacts were that 10% of jobs could not be filled because of Polish people being in the UK and Polish villages were suffering. Currently polish people are returning to their home country, Poland, with all of their money that they earned in the UK, they get to the UK and back to Poland on a 26 hour coach journey which...
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