Past, Present, and Future Problems of Poland

Topics: Fossil fuel, Acid rain, Coal Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Past, Present, and Future Problems of Poland

Poland is a country that has had many problems in the past, present, and likely future. Over the last several years this country has struggled with many issues that may help us predict what is to come for this European country. If we take a deeper look at these problems then we may be able to see a connection with what is happening physically in this country.

Salt has always been a major resource in the eyes of Poland. They need this product to be shipped around the world to fuel the economy. The problem that was a huge issue is that the salt minors have released the salt into the air where it mixed with sulfur dioxide. This was a big problem, because Poland is filled with many sculptures and statues from the early 16th century. This combination produces acid rain, which ruined many of this art. This was upsetting many residents of Poland. The minors worked down in the mine all day, and were always putting there life in danger every time that they would step into the mine. More than 10% of the workers would die every year from exhaustion, methane explosions, and the shafts collapsing, just to name a few. Although the work was very productive and not very costly the work did ruin many priceless works of art. Poland’s reputation of being highly polluted earned it a spot in “The Black Triangle.” This is the area between Northern Bohemia, Eastern Germany, and Southern Poland, that was devastated by the pollution. Another problem that was and is found just about every where is the abuse of alcohol by teenagers. One of the reasons that this is one of the problems is that there is no drinking age in Poland, so it is legal for teens. This law has been argued about for many years, and most adults feel that this is an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. Scientists are saying that the teens that are drinking now will get brain damage, and will have a least likely chance to succeed.

Today, Poland is having...
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