Is cultural diversity proving to be compatible with social unity

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Is cultural diversity proving to be compatible with social unity?

Britain has changed quite significantly over the past few decades in terms of cultural diversity. Whereas Britain was largely white not so long ago, the number of ethnic minorities has been steadily increasing and this growth does not look likely to stop anytime soon. Demographic experts have, infact, predicted that by 2050, 1 in every 5 British person will belong to an ethnic minority. The question issue I will be discussing in the following essay is: what effect does this influx of immigrants and their cultures have on the social integrity of Britain and its people?

Cultural diversity can be said to weaken the social unity of a country and an example of this is the United States of America. The USA is home to a large population, which consists of many different, diverse cultures, whether they be Hispanic, Afro-American or Native American. Sweden, on the other hand, is a population who share culture, kin and many other aspects and is largely considered a homogeneous society. Swedish citizens are happy to pay 50% of their wages towards a national health system, as they see each other as being the same and feel that they must help each other, through loyalty to one’s own people. However, it may be unlikely to ever see a national health service in America, as, unlike Sweden, the population is made up of different groups, races and cultures. A white American will not feel the same affinity towards an Afro-American or a Mexican that a Swedish person would feel towards a Swedish person, who is likely to be the same in culture, kin and appearance. 70% of the poor in America are part of ethnic minorities, in a country where over half the population is white, and so a relatively rich white American will not be able to relate as well to the poor ‘foreigners’, who he sees as different, and be unwilling to sacrifice half his income for them. People in a diverse society drop start to lapse in being...
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