policy and procedure

Topics: Normal distribution, Control chart, Question Pages: 6 (347 words) Published: July 30, 2014
BSBMGT516C Facilitate Continuous Improvement
Assessment 1 – Short Questions

Candidate’s name

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Assessor’s name

Phone no.

Assessment date/s


You are permitted to use your student learning material in completing this assessment To pass this assessment, you must achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ result for each question. Where there are any gaps, further questioning and/or additional submissions may be required.

Please note that the following policy applies in the conduct of this assessment task: Unique International College’s SMP 126 Student Assessment, Reassessment and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines Performance objective

You must demonstrate knowledge of continuous improvement systems. Assessment description
You are required to answer a series of questions dealing with continuous improvement models. Specifications
Answer questions completely.

Test questions
Question 1: Define and explain the purpose of TQM.

Question 2: What elements within a manufacturing environment need to be reduced or eliminated as part of a Lean Manufacturing focus?

Question 3: What is ‘Five S’ and what are the five disciplines? Provide an example of using each ‘S’ to reduce waste in the workplace.

Question 4: List the benefits and features of the Six Sigma approach and DMAIC.

Question 5: Roughly sketch a Normal Distribution Curve and mark areas representing 1σ (68.27%), 2σ (95.45%), 3σ (99.74%).

Question 6: Select a problem you have encountered in the workplace or elsewhere and draw a cause and effect diagram to show how causes can be determined.

Question 7: On a statistical process control chart, explain why it is necessary for control limits to be a higher magnitude than customer expectations.

Question 8: Name and draw two (2) typical shapes that are formed using a histogram and describe what they could depict in your business or life experiences. Name
Draw shape

Question 9: Name two (2) circumstances for which a scatter diagram should be used. A.


Candidate: I declare that this work has been completed honestly and with integrity by me and that I have been assessed in a fair and flexible manner. I understand that Unique International College’s SMP 126 Student Assessment, Reassessment and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines applies to this assessment task.

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